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Xinle shipbuilding bulk cement carrier "Seville Vala" wheel built delivery
The release date:2014-04-23 15:01:55

2014 April 4th afternoon, from 7000 tons of bulk cement ship "Ningbo Xinle Shipbuilding Group Limited new construction Severus Vala" wheel slowly left the company wharf, the new construction of the first ship bulk cement carrier smooth delivery of Europe's owner, marks the company has achieved a major breakthroughin the field of technology innovation and transformation and upgrading. The new company is the construction of the first ship 7000 tons of bulk cement carrier. The ship captain 119.6 meters, width of 16.80 meters, depth of 8.20 meters, the totalheight of 29 meters, 6.20 meters draft, the total tonnage of 5256 tons, 7489 tons deadweight, net tonnage 3267 tons, the host power of 2500 KW, the service speed of 13 knots, endurance of 7000 nautical miles. The ship is by the French BV classification society review, inspection, certification, from the technical requirements have been fully aligned with European standard.