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  • POSITION: Security Supervisor SPECIALTY: Unlimited AGE: 28-45 SEX:
    NUM: 1 EDUCATIONAL: College or above EXPERIENCE: 2
    SALARY: Negotiable ENDTIME: 2012-01-21
    MEMO: Job description:
    Assist the manager to do the security work in the company,
    Inaugurate new ideas of safety management, strengthening the safety supervision and management,
    To promote the safety management measures, guarantee the normal development of production and operation.
    1, college degree or above.
    2, there are more than two years working experience in safety management.
    In 3, clear thinking, work quickly, with organizational skills, be good at expression
    4, hard-working, serious and responsible for work
    Work location: Xiangshan County ao Island
  • POSITION: Translator SPECIALTY: English AGE: 20-26 SEX:
    NUM: 1 EDUCATIONAL: Bachelor degree or above EXPERIENCE: More than one year
    SALARY: Interview ENDTIME: 2011-07-31
    MEMO: 1, bachelor's degree or above, major of foreign languages, professional certificate in English for more than 6;
    2, oral fluency, pronunciation is good, the expression of smooth, on the presentation of relevant information translation, translation, translation, translation;
    In 3, the international correspondence, documents translation;
    4, to command of foreign language by writing various documents, letters;
    5, authorized translation manuscript.
    Work location: Ningbo
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