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Ningbo ship with square grand start transaction
The release date:2014-04-23 14:58:39

Traffic convenient, Ningbo high tech Zone national patent information, complete and perfect, if complete, talent gather location advantages and strong aggregationeffect of Ningbo Xinle shipbuilding group limited use, to a high starting point, highrequirements of the construction of Ningbo ship with Exchange Square, in March 26, 2014 to start the construction. Industry associations from the relevant departments, Zhejiang ship industry association leaders, Ningbo ship industry leaders, representatives of local banks, the ship with business representatives,Xinle shipbuilding person in charge and other guests more than 100 people,gathered in the Ningbo national high tech Zone South Road Ningbo ship withExchange Square site, held a grand ceremony.

Ningbo ship with Exchange Square by the height of 22 floors of the main building, 3layer high podium, underground parking 11 layer building, field of four parts, a total construction area of about 67000 square meters, the floor is about 52000 square meters, underground is about 15000 square meters, a total investment of 400000000 yuan, the construction period is in three years, it is expected to be completed in the first half of 2016. The construction of the project will also highlight the business, information, services, through service and various preferential policies, create more value for the shipbuilding industry. The project will build a shipwith marketing, business matching services, e-commerce, product promotion,business communication, conference and exhibition, service function, the finalshape ship with commerce, trading platform maximum growth triangle area ship withIntegrated Service Plaza and radiation throughout the country and the world. After the completion of the project, Xinle shipbuilding will manufacturing industry bysingle, change for the manufacturing industry and modern service industry and newindustry development pattern.