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2 + 2 19,800DWT Duplex Stainless Steel Chemicals Tankers signed between Arcoin and Xinle Group
The release date:2023-11-23 19:01:20

A signing Ceremony for 2 + 2 19,800DWT Duplex Stainless Steel Chemicals Tankers between Arcoin and Xinle Group was held in Sheraton Hotel Ningbo on 22 November 2013.

Altogether, 70 representatives from Zhejiang Association of Shipbuilding Industry, Ningbo Association of Shipbuilding Industry, OWNER Arcoin, Rina Classification, banks, marine engineering companies, other shipyards and equipment suppliers attended this Ceremony. Ceremony started with speeches given by Owner’s representative and Xinle Group’s CEO Mr. LIU Wenzhong, which are followed by speeches given by representatives from Zhejiang Association of Shipbuilding Industry and Ningbo Municipal Commission of Economy and Information. Ceremony came to its end when Owner and Xinle Group signed contracts and exchanged souvenirs.

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19,800DWT duplex stainless steel Chemical Tanker series is a high-end, high-value added series designed by a famous Italian engineering company. 19,800DWT’s construction meets requirements for class notation GREEN PLUS and it is capable of carrying multiple grades of cargoes, easy to maintain, low on fuel consumption and environment-friendly. It is more advanced than most other chemical tankers in the whole world and is in a way reflecting how future Chemical Tankers would be. This ceremony is a highlight for Xinle Group, a highlight for slow Shipbuilding Industry a milestone for Xinle’s years of work in niche market and foresees possibilities that future holds for Shipbuilding Industry in Ningbo. 

Owner Arcoin is a renowned European company specialized in shipping of chemical and oil products. And it’ll for sure benefits from this win-win deal.