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Ningbo Xinle Shipyard Group Limited company in the 2012Spring Festival holiday notice
The release date:2023-11-23 19:00:11


Via studying a decision, the Spring Festival break schedule is as follows:
One, the 2012 Spring Festival holiday 10 days:
January 19, 2012(Lunar New Year ( lunar January26) to January 28, 2011Calendar) as a day of rest; a total of ten days.
Two, date: January 29, 2012( lunar calendar lunar January7) officially work.
In three, the company before the holiday, office organization led by a safety inspection; departments before the holiday to do cleaning work, the precious materials, equipment, tools for safekeeping, can enter into the library to storage.
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Xinle shipbuilding sincerely wish the long-term support of our company development social friends from all walks of life and all staff of the company for the year of the Dragon down, a happy family!
                                                                   Ningbo Xinle Shipyard Group Co., Ltd.
                                                                        january 14, 2012